We can say "we are good at getting finance for you".  We asked a few clients "would they be prepared to write a letter of recommendation for use when sending out information"?  Here is a sample of what they wrote for you to read!

As at 2016 these are "just some" of the companies and self employed owner operators who have been clients of BME Finance for.....

21 Years Landscaper & Retaining Walls - 11 Years Concrete Pumper - 10 Years Plant & Grader Hire - 9 Years Communications, Cable laying & Directional Driller 7 years Trucks & Towing 1 year Excavator Hire 2 Years Concretors & Mini Excavator Hire

Concrete Pumps & Trucks
Mark has been our finance broker since 2000..Mark has sourced well over $11million in finance for equipment for our company allowing us to grow our business to keep up with the demands for industry.  I have found that no one can match the knowledge Mark has in the area of mobile machinery finance.
Managing Director

Landscaper & Retaining Walls
Marks role as our finance broker has been an integral part of our success in business.  He endeavours to understand what is required, the main criteria always considering the serviceability of such a finance contract.
On occasion I have had dealings with finance organizations direct, only to end up frustrated due to the lack of communication and time taken in seeking approval. I have no hesitation in recommending Business Mortgage & Equipment Finance.   

Plant and Grader Hire
Mark's knowledge of the finance industry coupled with his ability to understand the finance requirements of this company has helped to develop this company into one of the largest of its kind in SE Queensland.  

Mark's Professionalism has been a huge asset to this business, he not only arranges the best possible type of finance for each purchase but he saves us many hours of our valuation time.  Call me if you need any further information.   Managing Director

Excavator Hire
I started my business five years ago and have tried several brokers during that time...only to find that most are unable to look outside of the box and didn't understand the construction industry.  Mark is different. We recently tried to get finance and our application was declined.  We contacted Mark and he was able to overturn the declined application and gain finance with the same lender.
Mark's knowledge of the machinery industry and his outstanding ability in the finance industry are a major asset to our business and we will continue to use Mark for all our finance requirements in the future and highly recommend him to anyone who required finance.    

Towing & Trucks
A vital role in the growth of our business. I have tried others hoping for a fresh approval and the possibility of new ideas. I soon discovered that these people have been thinkers within a box and anything even remotely outside the box was not even in the scope that they would even consider.  Mark has even managed to overturn a declined finance deal, with the very same provider that declined our application. BME and Mark have been instrumental with our business and I highly recommend him.   

Concretor & Mini Excavators
At a time when it was important for me have this machine out in the field earning money as soon as possible, your efficiency, timely communications and accurate attention to our needs made it a pleasure to do business.  
Managing Director

Communications, Cabling Laying & Directional Drilling
Mark's long background and experience in different areas of the finance industry gives him the edge over his competitors.   Before I dealt with Mark I had tried to get finance to purchase a new directional drill and was told by this broker that he could not get me finance for this sort of money.  So, I had to settle for a second hand machine which I quickly realized was the biggest mistake I could have made as the old machine kept letting me down and I was having to subcontract work out.  
Mark got me the finance for the new drill I originally wanted, which has saved my company just in the past three months approximately $150K!!!!....  

We are more more than happy for you to speak to any of these business owners.  Please just ask and we will give you their names and contact telephone numbers.


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