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Highly specialised expertise in financing mining, construction and earthmoving equipment.
Proven experience and knowledge to understand how to "put together" finance applications based upon your needs.
Offer you the best choices from various lenders based upon your circumstances.
Have a long term view of your business needs and are there for you everytime.
Use simple ways that work quickly and with no fuss.
We listen to you and as our existing clients know we provide interest rates and results that could not be matched.

After a few minutes of discussion and because of our experience we are able to tell you exactly how your application will go and how an approval will be forthcoming.

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Earthmoving or Construction Equipment including Mining
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Cars, Trucks or Buses
New Home or Renovation
Investment Property or Holiday Home
Or Want Any Other Finance For Business Or Personal

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Bill of Sale/Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase, Consumer/Goods Mortgage, Rentals, Leasing, Operating Leases, Novated Leases, Fleet Leasing, Sale Lease/Hire Back, Equipment Finance Limits Master Leases, Cashflow Funding, Insurance.

We also have close affiliations that enable us to offer financial planning and general insurance.


We cater for all facets of business financing from assisting in purchasing the business right through to financing of office and other equipment.

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we cater for the commercial and industrial, as well as rural and residential loans in an effort to cater for all client requirements.

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we cater for all purchases from heavy equipment, marine, motor vehicles, transport and all types of equipment finance both large and small.

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